Cast of Characters

My stories would be little without the cast of characters.  Here you can learn all about Kit, Ollie, Lola, Bailey, Dom, Elliot, and Regan.

(Keep in mind, these are just the basics.  As I write for the prompts some things change and some things stay the same.)


  • Full name: Katherine Rogers
  • Physical traits: Blonde and blued eyed.  About 5′-2″ and curvy.
  • A Brief description: Will greet you with a hug, can be found spending too much money in a bookstore.  A little anxious, but manages.  Hufflepuff


  • Full name: Oliver Winters
  • Physical traits: Dark brown hair, chocolate eyes.  Tattoos, muscular, 6′-1″
  • A Brief description: Can’t stop getting tattoos, usually found in the mechanic’s shop working on his bike. Stirs up trouble for a good reason.  A Slytherin/ Ravenclaw


  • Full name: Dolores Abbott
  • Physical traits:  Fiery red hair, gray eyes. 5′-6″, athletic.  Proportional.
  • A Brief description:  Flirts as easily as she breathes, can be found in dimly lit bars, playing pool for free drinks.  Enjoys the spotlight and can win over strangers with a smile.  A Gryffindor


  • Full name: Bailey Isaacs
  • Physical traits: Black, curly hair.  Green eyes, glasses.  6′-0″, lanky.  Pianist hands
  • A Brief description: Loyal, kind, a musician.  Sings and plays several instruments.  Learning and traveling.  A Ravenclaw


  • Full name: Dominic Eland
  • Physical traits: Dark hair, deep blue eyes.  5′-10″, stocky and strong.
  • A Brief description: Pulls focus in every situation, tends to be found in the center of a crowd.  Moody, a renaissance man. Obsessed with the 1920’s. A Slytherin.


  • Full name: Elliot Carrigen
  • Physical traits: Blonde, blue green eyes, freckles.  6′-1″, looks like a Bruce Timm cartoon.
  • A Brief description: Comes from old money.  Owns multiple super hero shirts and wears to work at his tech job.   Silly, lighthearted, attentive to detail, wants people to be happy. A Gryffindor.


  • Full name: Morrigan Kennedy
  • Physical traits: Dyes her hair a lot, natural color is a light brown.  Green eyes and several piercings.  5′-10″ and slender.
  • A Brief description: Video games and numbers make the most sense to her.  Can be found shouting about the stupidity of others, sarcastic.  A Slytherin.